Why Us?

About Us
The daily tipping site for the serious professional gambler.

‘UK Racing Wizard’ is a proven daily tipping service and aim to provide you with horse racing tips on various UK and Irish horse races up to 30 minutes before the first horse race starts.

We provide one to two racing tips daily, which will be made clear if the selection are, a Nap (Best bet), a place bet or a win bet.

David our tipster has an exceptional memory and a mathematical expert, he is also a professional finance expert managing over £150 Million in assets, his passion is horse racing and sees himself as a professional investor in horse racing who can read a race in running, he can remember past form, going, distance, weights and how the markets moved and how the race was run, and is also an ex city trader that has 20+ years of trading knowledge where is skills were used with devastating affect.

This gives him the unique skill-set to spot insider trading on exchanges in a blink of an eye. Pulling all these abilities together gives him the ultimate edge over any tipster. A true rain man hence the nickname of UK Racing Wizard.

The betting model has been tested for over 6 years and David is convinced that this is the only way to consistently win on a regular basis, With proven results posted every time a string of  selections come in all these have been witnessed by members since the site launched in July 2011 and all independently proofed results are listed in the past racing results tab. We constantly strive to improve results and we changed our selection process on the 18th April 2014 and witnessed our strike rate leap 34%.

Betfair Balance as proof we do win
Proof we really do win.

We often get asked what is your £1 average, we are always in profit using a £1 average, but we believe this should only be used as a measure to filter good and bad tipsters, but know 100% that using our unique approach is better than a £1 average measure, a lot higher returns are easily possible if you follow our betting model. Please read our blog on this subject which details why we are correct here