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What is scalping?

Scalping is a term used by those taking a small margin from a betting trade on an exchange.

With a background in trading, I understand this topic very well and it’s quite simple.

Firstly you don’t need to worrying about whether your horse wins, comes 2nd or last, as long as your trade matches up before the race or in running betting.

Let say you decide to scalp 20% from each trade you make, You start with £100 you back your selection at 4.1 Betfair SP and you setup you lay bet at 3.4 Betfair SP, if it hits 3.4 you have successfully matched your trade and grabbed a £20 profit.

This can also be done in the opposite direction.

Obviously the lower percentage taken the lower the risk, but also lower return.

Now for a little trick I use, which I call ‘ the rule of 72’

This is a fast calculation to show how many races it will take to double your money when scalping.

Let say you aim to scalp 20%. Well all you do is divide 72 by 20 = 3.6, This means it will take 3.6 races to double your money.

Go for 12%, 72 divided by 12 = 6, yep you’ve got it, it will take 6 races to double your money and if all you have is patience and time on your hands and go for 2.5%, 72 divided by 2.5 = 28.8 races.

So if you want to use our horse racing tips to scalp, have a wild guess how many shorten up in running by more than 20%?

With an average win strike rate above 60% and a placed strike rate above 90% it’s certainly a good place to start.

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Is your horse trying?

When horse owners get together before a race, the first words a fellow owner asks the other owner, is your horse trying? Nop you won’t find this information in the racing post.

This is mainly because they know that some will be trying and some won’t. Most owners will have a bet on their own horse, so by weighing up the competition will decide on whether they have a few thousand bet or a few hundred bet. The racing post will give you a wealth of information but also can give you too much information which can detract you from the likely winner if the favorite won’t be putting his best hoof forward.

When there is money involved there is always corruption. So with an 87% + placed strike rate we’ve a good handle on who will be trying and who won’t. but it’s still tricky sometimes.

The racing post results pages offer a good insight as to when a horse hasn’t been trying especially when the trainer gives a long winded explanation as to the horses poor performance.

Also a good indicator when a horse won’t be trying is by watching his previous races, and when it clearly needs further and is entered over a shorter trip there is something definitely smelly going on.

The Racing post is very good at putting you off the scent of a likely winner, especially Jimmy the guesser, this is mainly because they writers haven’t got a clue or they are just using the old fashioned tools in the box, such as traditional form only and not all the other tools in our arsenal.

So if you want to bet with a disadvantage just use the racing post only, if you want to benefit from all of our analysis you can get your free trial here


The Racing Post

The Racing Post, how important is it?

Well it is fairly important but it is only used for a fraction of our research and analysis when we select our horse racing tips.

Trainers have been and continue to use ‘The Racing Post’ when entering a runner and will decide whether it will be trying on the day or not and obviously jockeys just before a race as to try and gain some insight into how the race will be run.

Only yesterday there was a horse running, everything stacked up if you just used ‘The Racing Post’ to find your winner? but we didn’t tip this selection as it failed every other check and it was beaten into third by over 2 lengths when it should have won easy on form.

We spotted so many reasons why not to tip this particular horse and thus managed to save our members hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

So don’t just bank on having just the ‘The Racing Post’, as I can guarantee one thing, you don’t have all the information to win on a regular basis.

So have you been missing out all these years? to become an exclusive member, join here

Betting from abroad

If you want to bet when travelling abroad, increasingly you will find it a major problem, especially if you want to bet on horse racing as there are many restricted countries when betting from abroad.

A number of hotels have fast wifi connections and you would expect to get access to your betting account no problem, Think again!.

So how do you get round these annoying restrictions?

Well don’t even waste your time trying to bet through a local connection as you may be able to login but you won’t see the content you need to place a bet.

You have two options, my preferred is to have your own laptop and and a mobile dongle from a country that has no restrictions such as the UK, this means you can access via a proxy server as if in the UK.

So what does that mean, I use a Vodafone internet dongle, it cost around £5 per month and you pay for the data you use. Do not watch or listen to the race as the data charge would be huge. Using a dongle in this manner is just liking surfing the internet at home. But remember before travelling abroad remove all restrictions, tell the provider that you are going abroad and that you want to access gambling websites.

The second option is to use you mobile phone and tether or as a mobile hotspot (wifi) or just bet using your phone, my concern is that at some point due to location technology restrictions may prevent mobiles being used in restricted countries in the future.

Oh and don’t forget any time difference, I wouldn’t want you to miss our horse racing tips.

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How honest is horse racing?

How honest is horse racing? from UK’s No1 horse racing tipster.

Well that is an easy question to answer, Not at all, we all know that when money is involved there is corruption, from analysis horse racing is 97% dishonest, if you shake the hand of a trainer, remember to count your fingers when they leave go, and we do know who these are, some more dishonest than others.

A bold claim, but research shows that some trainers consistently school at certain tracks, put false information out and mislead the public by winning with the second string.

Oh and as for the jockeys, ask any accountant in Newmarket if they have a Jockey as a client? Is there betting transaction on a Jockeys bank statements and I’ll have a bet on that as to what the answer is likely to be.

Our selection process is complicated as we use normal methods as well as spotting dishonesty which aids in avoiding certain tracks, jockeys and trainers when there are factors that could affect the result, such as race type, distance, prize money or going conditions.

If you want to know more just spend a little time looking at our results or take advantage of our free five day trial and racing tips


Fast horseracing results

Usually when I am in the office and I fancy a horse racing bet I tend to watch it on Betfair, it’s a photo finish, only for the streaming to cut off before the result is announced, has your horse won or lost? As you may want to roll on the potentially winning to the next race, it is ideal to know where to go for the fastest possible result of the race.

Follow the link for Fast Racing Results

All you need to do is login or register click Sporting life at the top of the page and then fast results. I’ve used this for a few years and the results come through very quick.

When is the Epsom Derby

Looking for Epsom Derby tips for the 6th June 2015 it’s likely to be a thriller.

You can either try a horse racing tipping service or why not have a go at picking the winner yourself.

First of all you need to know the basics, Epsom is a left handed track, and a low draw is known to be favoured, also look for horses that are likely to come off the pace on the outside, in the form you’ll see wording such as held up.

One thing is certain, due to the prize money every horse will be trying, some won’t stand a chance, but there are horses that will have a real opportunity to take the crown.

Trainers live for the Epsom Derby glory, such as Aiden O’Brien and Sir Michael Stoute, the latter not having an entry with Aiden O’Brien with four current entries. With so many runners the tactics are likely to try an dictate the pace. So O’Brien’s best chance is likely to be the one with the best turn of foot coming off the pace if the race is run slow giving Giovanni Canaletto an each way chance, but there is a question mark whether he’ll go on the ground.

Long range weather forecast suggests it going to be 30 Degrees with drying ground so we could be looking at firm going, or good to firm with watering.

Saeed Bin Suroor has a good Epsom strike rate but only won the Epsom Derby once along with Haggas Gosden and Dunlop, enough to keep the hunger alive for just one more victory.

Golden Horn was impressive at York and has been entered late into the Derby. A slower pace could see Golden Horn blitz the field, the Derby is a week away and a lot can happen.

But looking at the line up I’d probably go with Golden Horn and the going should be right up his street and I would like to see him being chased home by Giovanni Canaletto.

The professional gambler won’t be betting in this race but it’s always nice to have a flutter with your family.

We have an 83% win strike rate for our naps, these are the bets that the professional gambler waits for so feel free to have a go, bet big win big here at


What makes winning a multiple bet accumulator on the same day extremely difficult

Some of you may know I manage £200+Million as an investment manager and I apply some of this knowledge to our service and betting system, so you could say I’m qualified to crunch numbers better than any other horse racing tipster.

Let say you want to put together an 8 Horse multiple bet, the most common way is similar to the below.

Your first selection in your bet is your banker and you’re pretty sure it is going to win, possibly 90% chance.

You next selection is your second strongest selection (80%) and your third selection your third strongest (70%) and so.

By the time you get to the sixth and seventh selection, these will be nowhere close to the same chance as your first selection and thus massively reducing the chance of landing the multiple and your eighth selection could be in the region of a 30% chance, you have to admit to yourself you are now gambling by adding this selection, compared to just betting on the first selection which could be viewed as a high risk investment.

So rather than picking eight horse on one day with each horse having a reduced chance of winning, we like to do this over days or weeks, most recently our best bets (otherwise known as a Nap bet) landed 8 times in a row and took 45 days to reach just under £20,000 profit for a £100 stake.

So putting a multiple in place, you’re better off increasing your stake but choosing few selections, or betting on your strongest bet and roll on the winning each day or when you stand the best chance of winning.

How many times do we report one tip one winner, that is because it had the best chance of winning.

Want to experience a different way of betting and most importantly a way of betting which increases the likelihood of winning? Just follow the link to become an exclusive member or click the register button at the top of our website.

How to write multiple accumulator bets to annoy bookies

Bookies will hate customer writing their bets out like the following. I get asked a number of times how I bet using multiples.

Assuming I’m going to have a multiple bet I would always have my daily selection (bankers) in a multiple, as I expect these to win which gets me off to a good start as I’m looking for a minimum of 4 winners to be in the money.

So my betting slip would have, let say 8 selections.

Write out the horse selections, always take the price on my selections as they always tend to shorten. Also take the price on the last 2 or 3 runners as if you don’t and you land the first 7 winners the high street bookie will use one of their on course runners to shorten the price on track.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to move a horse odds from 8-1 to 5-1 on a low attendance evening at Wolverhampton. This could cost you a fortune. What would you prefer £50,000 rolling onto a horse that you took 8-1 or the starting price. Don’t let them shaft you, I learned when it happened to me, it was my money shortening the price.

My betting slip would look something like the below.

1 x £3 Each way accumulator (cost £6). Note the accumulator is the only each way bet.

8 x 50p Win 7 folds (cost £4)

28 x 20p win 6 folds (cost £5.60)

56 x 10p win 5 folds (cost £5.60)

70 x 10p win 4 folds (cost £7.00)

Total cost £28.20, you can reduce the cost by dropping the 4 folds or reducing the stakes from 20p to 10p etc or you could go the other way and increase these amounts.

I would not include trebles, doubles or singles as the extra cost would more than likely not be worth your stake, Also if there are mostly short prices I would consider dropping 4 folds also and increase 5,6,7 and 8 folds.

So if you want to stick it to the bookies, this is the only way you’ll give them a bloody nose.

How confident are we in our own selections? pretty confident as we introduced a money back guarantee last year. Click here to read more and see our results.

Sick of chasing losses?

Are you guilty of chasing your losses?

We have all done it, some have learned from their mistakes and some have not, it comes back to one of the key requirements to win at horse racing and that is discipline.

Does this sound familiar? your horse is clear and falls at the last hurdle, you should be up £300 but you have just lost your biggest stake of the week, you hear Tommo the racing commentator giving his misguided opinion on the selection that is being backed in from 10-1 to 6-1, does he have the skills to spot a false gamble?, you now check the racing post, the discipline is now out the window along with your staking plan and you have been talked into it, you follow the money and loss a small fortune, you are down even further, you back McCoy on the odds on favourite in the next, surely he can’t get beat! champion jockey etc, odds shortening all the time, you watch the race you start counting your winnings as he looks the winner, then suddenly he’s quickly off the bridle his shoulders are up and down with ease and he pulls up before the second last hurdle, and you are now really hurting, while Tommo forgets all about the other runners in the final seconds of the race to focus on such a common occurrence when McCoy teams up with Jonjo, sound familiar?

What is actually happening is you have made the transition very quickly from a high risk investor to a mug punter, and certainly not a professional gambler, you don’t like losing, but more importantly you haven’t mastered discipline.

You are trying to win your money back before you quit for the day, when in fact it is not your money any more, you have lost it fair and square, due to your last two betting decisions being a little reckless.

If the horse which you bet on initially that fell was going to be your only bet of the day as it had the best chance and you were 90% sure or it winning, then why chance your money and bet on a horse that has a 50/50 chance or worse and so on.

Your better off waiting for the best chance the next day or one of our naps which don’t come around every day which you can see by clicking the here

If you remain disciplined you stand a much greater chance of winning on the horses.

Feel free to give us a go if you like, especially now we are moving into the jump season by clicking here. I expect results to be really exciting!

Why do Jockeys ride to instruction

Why do Jockeys ride to instruction?

Well this is an easy one to answer, because if they don’t, they won’t get any more rides. The racing world is very small and the last thing a jockey wants is a reputation of not doing what he has been told.

Some trainers know what they are doing and some really don’t have a clue.  Which can also be said for Jockeys.

There are many reasons for giving instructions to the jockey, this could be front running over a certain distance on a specific going condition. E.g. 3 miles on heavy going, or 2 miles on good to firm going or it could be down to the horses personality, perhaps they know the horse needs to settle in the pack before taking up the running.

A trainer may want to know if he is more suited to a left handed track or right handed, is the horse is getting easily distracted, is his mind on the job?, do they want to race?, we have seen horses jink in the last furlong time after time when they spot the exit to the stables, are they tired? Are they lazy? Do they not want to run anymore? Are they in pain? Do they need blinkers? hood fitted?  are they struggling to breathe?, do they need a wind operation or tongue strap?. Do they jump well in a crowd of horses? are they suited to fences rather than hurdles, Should the horse be coming off the pace or front running?, All this can be fed back to the trainer in the debrief from the jockey following the race.

Is the trainer trying to improve the horse’s handicap rating? There are so many reasons and the trick is to know how a horse is likely to run.

One trap a punter falls into is following top jockeys, I have seen many times top jockeys going to a meeting for one ride and trailing in last. What the trainer is after is the race debrief as he has no idea how the horse will run, such as, he’s carrying too much weight, he needs a shorter trip, he doesn’t act on the ground etc.

Only a few days ago, I spotted a horse that McCoy rode last time out, this time he had a 7lb claimer on board and the trip was shorter, McCoy was riding the favourite and was beaten by the claimer, proving having an experienced jockey on board doesn’t always mean they are going to win, the trainer is after the knowledge and experience which will give the horse a better chance the next time out.

What we are all interested in is, are the instructions given by the trainer to the jockey to win the race?, it’s probably not a surprise but on many occasions a horse will not win the race as long as he’s got 4 legs. This is either the horse hasn’t the ability or the trainer doesn’t want him to win.

A common instructions is if you can’t win don’t try, how many times have we seen jockeys press the button and then when the horse doesn’t pick up and the chance has gone, they drop their hands and finish out the placing’s.

Surely not, after all what is the point of running in a race if you’re not trying to win. Well it comes down to the root of all evil, Money?

Some trainers can’t survive without a big price winning gamble, after all if they are a small yard, training fees on a handful of horses don’t go very far. So the only way to survive is having it off with an outsider.

There is also the kudos of winning a hot handicap so the horse does the minimum to enter has a few trips and boom beats the odds on favourite at a price of 20-1. The added benefit is doing this in front of a crowd and on trainer showcase day widely known as Saturday while the world and TV cameras are watching. Is to say look what I can do, one way of getting more horses into their yard.

So to wind up, the jockey maybe good, but it’s all starts with the trainer.

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Why Strike rate is more important than a £1 average

Why Strike rate is more important than a £1 average

Don’t get me wrong, a £1 average point score is a good measure but there is so much more profit to be made.

Personally I would take a high strike rate over a £1 average any day and this is why.

If the win strike rate is high, let say a monthly average of 95% this mean that 19 out of 20 bets would win, obviously not likely, but if it was 95% would you continue to bet singles? or go for doubles, trebles, 4 fold accumulators etc?.

Another negative aspect of a £1 average is consistency, as a £1 Average can be gained from just a few winners in the first few weeks of the year and not on an ongoing basis. Let say someone tips two 25/1 winners, technically they could tip 40-50 losers in a row and still show a profit.

So to explain further, if for example a horse racing tipster has a 20% strike rate the results would be similar to the below.

1st, 4th, 5th, 4th, 9th 1st, 4th, 5th 7th, 8th basically every 1 in 5 horses should win, or 2 in 10, 4 in 20 etc.

Now a very good tipster should be hitting 40-42% Win strike rate, that would look something similar to the below.

1st, 4th 4th, 1st, 1st, 4th, 5th,3rd, 1st, 9th over otherwise illustrated as 4 in every ten, 8 in 20 tips and so on.

A 50% win strike rate yes, you have guessed it, it would be something like one in two.

1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 4th, 1st, 5th or 1st,1st, 2nd,2nd,1st, 1st or 5 in 10 tips 10 in 20 tips etc.

The higher the strike rate the better. So over 50% is quite attractive.

Our nap (best bet) strike rate is approaching 77% with our nap placed strike rate approaching being 98% and consistent, that’s why it works.

Which mean 3 in 4 selections actually win, which means the higher the strike rate the more likely the accumulators would be successful, from January 25th 2013 to 18th June 2014, we’ve managed to tip 42 four horse win accumulators, all fully independently proofed.

A nap sequence in line with our average strike rate would be similar to the below.

1st, 1st, unplaced, unplaced, 1st, 1st , 1st , 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st unplaced, 1st, 1st ,1st ,1st, 1st 1st unplaced, unplaced.

In the above sequence there was a win double, 1 win 7 fold, and 1 win 6 fold.

Personally I don’t know any tipster that offers a daily tipping service with such a high strike rate. If you know one, I would be very interested in knowing who they are.

We appreciate it’s a leap of faith, which many members have taken in the past, if you would like to join just follow the link or if you have a question please email us via the contact page of our website.

If you want to receive our newsletter? just press here

Regards David (aka UKracingwizard)

Best tipping service on the internet

I thought I would drop you all a post to update you on the improved tipping model that was introduced 3 weeks ago.
It’s taken years to get this close to perfection as possible, but we now believe this is the best tipping service on the internet to continually achieve regular win accumulators, time and time again.
It’s extremely difficult to tip winners consistently and we have proven this is possible by tipping the following winning streaks over the past 15 months since we have been independently proofed, an many more prior to the 25th Jan 2013 (feel free to challenge any of our results, we can prove it, can other tipsters?).
Winning streaks below.
39 win 4 horse accumulators,
15 win 5 horse accumulators,
8 win 6 horse accumulators,
3 win 7 horse accumulators.
Most tipsters will be lucky to get 10% of the above winning streaks in the same time frame, and they’ll be tipping on every race to achieve this, we only tip a few per day however it’s still not good enough, hence the recent changes.
The new tipping model uses all the old checks and some new checks which have produced the following results. The changes have reduced the amount of losers and a positive outcome to this is increased winners and larger winnings streaks.
In the first 3 weeks we’ve achieved 9 Win Doubles, 5 Win Trebles, 3 Win four horse accumulators, 1 win five horse accumulator, 1 win six horse accumulator and 1 win seven horse accumulator.
For those following the place market, we have achieved runs of 9 in a row and 18 in a row and we are now onto our third run and going for 5 Winners in a row with the next selection.
I’m regular asked how I do what I do, as the racing results are extraordinary.
It’s tricky to explain but the best way is for you to watch the following movies, Good Will Hunting, Limitless and Rain Man, but I’m not autistic,  these capitulate a number of unique skills i have.
These skills will be nothing without an exceptional memory, knowing horses inside out, and the ability to watch horses in running, read form and spot cheating through analysis.
Oh and I forgot to mention I manage over £150 Million as an investment specialist and my investments performance is better than most city investment houses so my discipline levels are off the chart.
Even when we have an unplaced selection this information is recorded to further strength our tipping model, flagging up cheating jockeys and trainers. The only chink in our armour is we continue to offer a daily tipping service.
So for those who are already a member, this gravy train is not stopping, the definition of gravy train is a ‘cushy’ situation.
If you think it’s too good to be true?, don’t join, I’m not forcing you, If someone told you to buy a lottery ticket before the draw and give you the first 4 numbers, would you buy one? I’m sure I would and I would feel pretty silly if I didn’t and I won the jackpot.
If you want to give it a go? just click on the link and become an exclusive member of the best tipping service on the internet.
Last 3 weeks results.
18th Apr Lingfield Ertijaal 1st
19th Apr Kempton Zurigha 1st
Nottingham Zaeemah 1st
20th Apr Plumpton Ellnando Queen 1st
21st Apr Market Rasen Kelvin Grove 2nd
Chepstow Cocktails at Dawn 2nd
22nd Apr Wetherby Maller Tree 1st
23rd Apr Catterick Polar Eyes 2nd
Epsom Ravenous 1st
24th Apr Brighton Red Invader unplaced
25th Apr Doncaster Perfect Heart 1st
Newton Abbot Kris Spin 2nd
26th Apr Sandown Polly Peachum 2nd
Leicester Cape Caster 2nd
27th Apr Kempton Angelic Air 1st
28th Apr Wolverhampton Global Leader 1st
Wolverhampton Come On Dave 1st
29th Apr Nottingham Hassle 1st
Punchestown Faugheen 1st
30th Apr Punchestown Beat That 1st
1st May Lingfield Right of Appeal 1st
Towcester Master Red 3rd
2nd May Musselburgh Orient Class 1st
Punchestown Artic Fire 1st
3rd May Uttoxeter Germany Calling 1st
Newmarket Trading Leather 3rd
4th May Hamilton Ayrad 1st
5th May Curragh The Great War 1st
Windsor Captain Whoosh unplaced
6th May Brighton Jaladee unplaced
7th May Kempton Lawmans Thunder 1st
8th May Chester Orchestra 1st
Chester Ballymore Castle 1st
9th May Ascot Chocala 1st

Who is the best racing tipster

Who is the Best racing tipster?

I’m asked a lot if I’m the best tipster and my response is “You don’t need to know you are the best, you just need to be better than everyone else”.

It’s not a trick question, and I’m not even going to the claim that prize myself. The results and increasing members is enough for me to know my efforts don’t go unnoticed.

The best racing tipster, can only be the best if he is consistent, understands his own weaknesses and has the knowledge and experience to analyse, improve and land even more winners. So you need to ask yourself, are you following a tipster that has all these qualities?.

Only a few weeks ago we changed the way we selected horses, even though we landed a lot of winners, and win accumulators in the past few years, I still pushed for more and better ways of increasing the winners and reducing the losses.

After all I crunch numbers for a living and protecting capital is key to continued success.

The exciting news is!

I believe we have now cracked it and our members will win time and time again and will have many happy years taking the bookies to the cleaners.

However due to our success we have to make sure we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot, which means we are considering restricting our numbers in the coming months to control liquidity on the exchanges as the bets will be a lot bigger due to recent changes.

So if you do want to become a an exclusive member you can secure your membership by clicking on the link register here

I wish you all the luck

Kind regards

David (aka UK Racing WIzard)




What is the difference between a good jockey and a bad jockey

What is the difference between a good jockey and a bad jockey.

There are three types of jockeys.

You have brilliant jockeys, they win races they shouldn’t, the obvious jockeys that spring to mind are A.P. McCoy and Ruby Walsh, however as they nearing the end of their career you have to questions some of their rides, Especially A.P. McCoy, we do know the good jockeys who are true horsemen and have monitored their progress for a number of years. Thankfully not many have spotted their talent and we’ll take fully advantage of this in the coming years.

You have average jockeys, they win races they should win usually with a number of jockey errors.

Then you have the below average jockeys, they loss races they should win, we know who these jockeys are and take this into account when making selections. We avoid these where possible but they do have an odd good day.

If you want to take advantage of the wealth of information we hold, check out the rest of our website.

Good Luck for Cheltenham

Jockey or Trainer?

Who is to blame?

Jockeys aren’t the sharpest tool in the box, after all, who would fly over a fence eight foot in the air at 30 mph and in away they’re similar to most professions, they can’t get it right all the time.

But it’s actually the trainer that holds the cards, if a jockey ignores the trainers instructions particular where in the race to finish, i.e. if the horse won when instructed not to, then the chances of getting further rides for that trainer or connections will be pretty thin on the ground.

The racing industry is also a small world at the top, so when a jockey ignores instructions more than a couple of times they are in affect biting the hand that feeds them.

So when a horse should win doing cart-wheels, and it comes in well off the pace, it’s highly likely this is deliberate and all fingers should be firmly pointed at the trainer.

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Barney Curley gamble

Barney Curley gamble analysed

The most recent Barney Curley gamble in January 2014 saw Low Key, Seven Summits, Eye of the Tiger and Indus Valley, land over £2 Million in winnings.

However it did not just involve the four horses that paid out over £2 Million which most people think.

Planning potentially started back as early as October 2012 and involved, a minimum of six horses, the four gambled horses and two bank-roller horses, five trainers and a eleven directly involved jockeys and possible more indirectly. All known to UK Racing Wizard.

10 rides were pulled (prevented from winning), to achieve a good price for the bankrolled horses, you’re probably wanting more information by now, we’re obviously not disclosing this information to none members, but members will be made aware of these bank rolled horses the next time they run.

Using mapping software, we have identified the horses, jockeys and trainers involved and these are now being tracked so hopefully we’ll be able to spot the next Barney Curley gamble.

We have managed 469 Winning selections in our last year of tipping and were are hoping this will increase in the next 12 months.

We are currently accepting members so if you want to become a members please spend plenty of time on our website before joining.

Cheltenham racing tips

Cheltenham Festival is fast approaching, and a meeting that should not be missed.  It’s too early for Cheltenham racing tips as a lot can change in the run up to Cheltenham.

Historically the Cheltenham festival is the finale to the end of the jump season with many owners striving for a Cheltenham win; some spend decades trying while others find that mythical creature that has the stamina to stretch out up the demanding Cheltenham Hill in their first year of trying.

Research is key to picking a winner on an average Cheltenham card, but the festival is a different bag all together, due to the competitiveness of the occasion. Going that extra mile is the only way you are going to make a Cheltenham campaign successful and that means starting early.

A win at Cheltenham is a fine accolade on a Jockeys CV and no Jockey wants to finish anywhere but first. On the day, every horse is primed, the Jockeys want the glory, the money is down, how do you filter the wheat from the chaff?, there is no point waiting until the festival as every horse looks the winner on the day.

You need to do your research starting today, and fine tune right up until the off.

There are trainers that like to land a big shocker, so have stayed under the radar for the previous four months getting their animal ready for the event of the year, there are trainers that mature in full view within weeks of the festival and come out with all guns blazing.

There are those trainers who have a fine selection of entries and due to unforeseen circumstances are left with no choice but to pull entries out late in the day, turning the race-card on its head.

There are the overseas raiders and jockeys some well-known some not so well known, which can throw up some surprises.

What should be coming clear is research and knowledge is key to a successful Cheltenham campaign.

I use a wealth of tools to select my tips and to become the best horse racing tipster at Cheltenham or punter you need to have a minimum of one reliable information source.

A professional racegoer will not be without the Racing post on the day, but unfortunately it is too early even for them to publish, so a developing picture is the next best thing.

Which we will provide you I the run up to the festival.

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Why did my horse lose?

Your probably asking why did my horse lose when everything pointed to the fact it should have won.

Lets call our Jockey Mr Smith for the below example and no reference to a licenced jockey.

Mr Smith is booked to ride 3 hot rides and before he leaves for the track he meets his best mate and tells him to bet £500 treble on all three of his rides.

The first horse is smashed in the betting and Mr Smith rides his heart out and gets beat by a neck into 2nd place.

Gutted he lost as he is now down £500 but it’s not all bad news, the Jockey has a backup plan, if he was to lose in the first race, then his mate will lay his next two rides on an exchange such as Betfair to recover his initial £500.

So when you see a day when horses should win but don’t, there is a chance that something is a miss. You can’t guarantee a horse will win if you are trying to finish in front as Mr Smith found out, but you can guarantee to loss if your are trying to finish behind the winner.

There are jockey that can make it look like they were trying and get beat by a nose with every intentions to not win.

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Free horse racing tips or free bets?

You all know my feelings on want to be horse racing tipsters, if it was easy nobody would be working and I’d have 10 Million plus subscribers.

If a tipster is any good then they have a value and a value means a charge for their services, however we do appreciate this is a little difficult to accept, so what we have done is put together and increasing list of free bets all in one place. So the money that you would have used to bet gives you access to our members area and the free bets can then fund your stakes. It takes just over 30 minutes to bang in your details, not a bad hourly rate.

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